Dryfruits & Nuts

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DATES ( Saudi-Arabian)

Rs150 Ex Tax: Rs150

Our Dates are of Saudi-Arabian Mabroom Dates, which are of premium sector dates. Our dates are rich .....

WALNUTS (Kashmiri)

Rs0 Ex Tax: Rs0

ranian walnuts, fresh with less bitter taste, preserved with natural oil content and no added preser.....

ALMONDS (California)

Rs150 Ex Tax: Rs150

The Californian Almonds that we sell are fresh and new crops, sweet almond- variety. Bolder and prem.....


Rs150 Ex Tax: Rs150

Our premium bigger and softer turkish dried figs will provide you all the goodness with exotic taste.....

RAISINS (Afghanistan)

Rs0 Ex Tax: Rs0

Afghani raisins, world’s best Sun-Dried without sulphur, imported, fresh without additives and prese.....


Rs90 Ex Tax: Rs90

Regulates Blood Pressure Aids Digestion Weight Loss Helps Boost Immunity Increases Bone S.....


Rs90 Ex Tax: Rs90

Keep your Blood Free from Impurities Stay Away from Premature Aging Bring Thinning of Hair to.....

CASHEW NUTS(South-African)

Rs200 Ex Tax: Rs200

Our royal premium cashews are W180 grade premium big and white, which gives mouth watering taste. Th.....


Rs180 Ex Tax: Rs180

Bigger size, mouth watering taste and premium pistachios makes our product unique. We ensure to keep.....


Rs500 Ex Tax: Rs500

Imported from Amazon forests. Our Brazil Nuts are bigger, fresher and preserved with its natural oil.....

PINE NUTS (South-Korean)

Rs750 Ex Tax: Rs750

Our South-Korean pine nuts are skin removed and of uncompromised quality. As we promised, these nuts.....


Rs200 Ex Tax: Rs200

- Hazelnuts from turkey shell opened and ready to eat. These heart healthy, brain boosting nuts are .....